2011 Ford® EcoBoost™: digital proposal

Proposal to enhance messaging to reflect broadened 2011 EcoBoost line-up.

  • Establish shared EcoBoost brand themes
  • Distinguish individual product offerings and applications
  • Consistently highlight product facets

Evaluation: Content previously included is only applicable to EcoBoost V6. 2011 model year adds 2.0L I-4 and Ti-VCT V6.

Suggestion:  Alter content to overarching messaging that establishes EcoBoost philosophy and consumer relevance.

Head: EcoBoost

Subhead: Clean Power, Efficiently Driven

Copy: Powerful, clean, efficient engine performance

animation VO: We don’t always have to take the same coordinates to get to the same destination. Ford revolutionized the entire method of engine design to yield uncommon performance. Taking a creative, resourceful and practical approach Ford delivers EcoBoost, a modern powertrain that is conscious of the environment, highly functional and a thrill to drive. EcoBoost is an engine development philosophy that pools proven engine technologies in an innovative manner to produce extraordinary results: Powerful, Efficient, Clean engine performance for whatever drives you.

Head: New 2.0L EcoBoost™ Engine

Copy: Ford-exclusive technology masterfully balances power and efficiency.


  • High-Pressure Gas Direct injection
  • Low-Inertia Turbocharger
  • Ti-VCT twin independent variable camshaft timing

Animation VO: Most people choose a four cylinder engine because they value fuel economy over performance. Ford introduces a four banger that gives you both. Introducing the new 2.0L EcoBoost. Advanced direct injection is teamed with potent turbo charging to propel you while preserving fuel. Technology you wouldn’t expect provides the performance you deserve and the fuel economy you need. 2.0L EcoBoost. Don’t Settle.

Head: 3.5L Ti-VCT EcoBoost Engine

Subhead: Multiple Personality Disorder

Animation VO: EcoBoost. It’s just one engine or is it. Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) enables one engine to behave as many as it uniquely responds to what, where, how and how much it’s asked to do. Performance  is precisely tailored to deliver the exact amount of power you need with fuel efficiency you want. Workhorse, city commuter or highway shuttle. Ti-VCT EcoBoost. The road has met its match.

Head: Abundant Horsepower and Torque

Subhead: King of the mountain…the passing lane and the trailer.


  • EcoBoost delivers abundant power to meet all your driving demands
  • Pumps out near peak torque in an instant

short animation VO: With near max torque on hand in a broad range of engine operating speeds EcoBoost provides the confidence to accelerate from a dead stop, at highway speeds or when towing

Head: Torque (alternate)

Challenge: Make the flat torque curve advantage relevant to average person. Most of the torque / horsepower explanations fly over the head of the average consumer.

Solution: Develop a bite-sized animation video to illustrate the torque benefit of EcoBoost. Mate copy to visuals that show specific driving scenarios where torque advantage is relevant

long animation VO:  Torque is the difference. For most people torque is only noticed when it’s not there. When you step on the accelerator you are asking for the engine to answer quickly with power. When your engine’s response is weak and slow driving becomes a chore. EcoBoost answers your call. So now that hill doesn’t seem so steep, that trailer does feel so heavy and merging on to the highway is effortless.

Head: Direct Injection

Subhead: Making every drop of gas count


  • Efficiently extracts maximum power out of each droplet of fuel
  • Atomizes fuel into a fine mist for an efficient burn and potent output

Animation VO: An engine gets its power from the combustion of fuel and air. Delivering  a precise amount of atomized fuel into the combustion chamber at the proper moment produces a powerful combustion with minimal fuel waste. An efficiently clean burn also achieves lower emissions.

Head: Twin-Turbo Charging

Subhead: More air. More power. Now.

Copy: Air and fuel are burned to power performance. Turbo charging harnesses the excess energy of the combustion to amplify the flow of air and increase torque output.


  • Rapid throttle response
  • Dual turbo chargers react on demand with minimal turbo lag
  • Boost power when you need more, conserve fuel when you don’t

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